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Commercial Fishing

Located in an area that is surrounded by water, Coastal understands the need and importance of aquaculture and a thriving fishing community. To that end, we have loans specifically structured for commercial fishermen, shellfishermen, and others in the aquaculture industry. Whether you need purchase or re-outfit your boat or buy additional equipment, we're here to help.

Ideal Project

Ideal for businesses in the seafood and commercial fishing industries.

Project Size

$10,000 and up.


Loans are available for start-up, existing, and for-profit businesses.


Working capital up to 5 years, equipment up to 10 years, real estate up to 20 years, and business acquisition up to 10 years.

Interest Rates

Current market rates reflecting average risk.


Structured to meet your business needs, including seasonal repayments.



Servicing Fees

None after closing.


An experienced lobsterman can only fish 400 of his 800 permitted lobster pots with his existing vessel.  He wants to purchase a larger vessel and maximize the number of pots he fishes.  Coastal Community Capital structures a loan allowing the borrower to purchase a larger vessel and to purchase additional pots with monthly payments made from monthly cash flow.

Other terms and Conditions will apply. *Prices, terms and conditions subject to change without notice on all loan products.

Last updated: June 14, 2012

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