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Commercial Lending Tips
You’ve decided to buy rather than lease your business location. You’ve signed a Purchase and Sale Agreement. Now what?  Read More>

Am I Eligible for a SBA Loan?
As an existing or soon-to-be small business owner, the SBA 504 loan appears to be a good fit, but you’re still wondering: How do I really know if I’m eligible? Read More>

Best Reasons An Entrepreneur Should Engage A Mentor
Being a small business owner is being a go-getter, an organizer, an employee and a manager that assumes the risks of a business. Read More>

Tips for Better Cash Flow Management
This seems obvious, right? I mean, as an individual, WITH cash, you can buy food, pay your mortgage, put gas in your car and put money aside for your next “big” purchase. Read More>

Pros and Cons of Debt Refinancing
So you had taken a business loan out when the business was in its early stages. Perhaps the rate was a little higher or the loan amount was a little lower than you had requested. Read More>

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